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You know an artist is someone who does see the world according to their own imagination, someone who really wishes to believe that there will always be beauty and so you just need to look or maybe change your perspective of visualising small details around you. 

I will not say that I was not that girl till 15 who use to judge herself and others on the mere appearance of outer beauty. I never really even thought about why are we like this, and suddenly there was this day when I saw this Dove campaign, “Dove Real Beauty Sketches”, maybe let’s say it wasn’t much for a brand like Dove to execute an advertisement like that, but I cried after that, I really did. Something made me question the meaning of real beauty and how do I want to define a person around me. 

For me it’s not just about acne, I feel the issue is deep, the issue is more serious because the issue is the image our society already sketched since so so long. I never really suffer from acne till 19, so yes my acne is known as “the adult acne” like we all know it and till now people give me advice and ask questions as if I am suppose to tell my acne to just go, and they will listen to me. People/relatives ask questions like, “Why did I get acne, when I never use to have it?”, few of them are like “Ain’t you eating well or taking care of yourself”, I mean please what does make them think that I don’t love myself, or I don’t want the flawless skin like every other girl. Acne isn’t a choice, it’s a condition, it’s your body telling you something is wrong and you need to check what is missing. 

My acne is an effect or I will say caused via genes and stress, and so I am glad my acne does act as a trigger warning for my body, which does let me know that I need to divert my mind towards something more positive.

I am under professional care or shall we say dermal treatment since I was 17, and I am not ashamed of it because I like to invest in selfcare, plus I do my research about medicines as well. I am 22 now and really I don’t have the time to think what others tell me about my outer beauty. All I do now is rest when needed and do my skincare religiously with full dedication involved. Believe me it’s not the beauty that matters but your personal vibration as an individual. 

For me, I feel, we really can not change everyone, or let’s just say anyone for that matter. Someone who does really wish to listen to our story will do, and someone who wishes to criticise will just always blabber. It’s not a battle for me anymore, I love myself and my friends above all the stupid beauty standards. Maybe for a while let’s not try to answer the world and just question what we think is right. I will be honest to you all, I am still learning this process of self-loving and self-healing, but I decide to see from my artistic perspective because a human being is an art and we are just no one to question that art. 

Acne is a trigger and not an issue. We all are Unique. We all are Diverse.

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